The Reawakening, Part III
「再起 - パート3」

by Max Volume
Max Volume著

Curt sat at a table in an uptown bar, collecting his thoughts after an exhausting and fruitless meeting with executives from Main Man Records. They were pressuring him to take part in a media circus to promote his new album.

He had tried to tell them that the album was doing well, but his idea of financial success was obviously very different from theirs. He just hoped that Brian would have the good sense to stay out of it.


Arthur sat reading a book on the sofa at Curt's apartment, while Curt sat at a table scribbling in a tattered notebook. The two of them often spent long hours together that way, comfortable with the silence that had become an important part of their relationship.

Curt had never been able to do that with anyone before, at least not sober. Arthur looked up to find that Curt was staring at him, a question in his eyes.


"Arthur, why have you never worn the pin that I gave you? You did get it, didn't you?"
「アーサー、お前、何で俺がやったピンをつけないんだ? 持ってるよな?」

Arthur was silent for a long time.

"Well ..."

"Well, what?"

"Why have you never worn the pin?"

"Curt, mate..."

"What is it, Arthur? If you don't want it, give it away. I don't want it back."
「何が問題なんだ、アーサー? 要らないなら、誰かにやっちまえよ。俺はもう要らないから」

Curt said harshly. Arthur was hurt by the anger in Curt's voice. His voice thick with emotion, Arthur stammered, "Curt, ... every day ... every day I consider wearing that pin, ... but something holds me back. I ... I don't know what it is."

"It's just a pin, Arthur."
"It isn't just a pin. You said that it *may* have belonged to Oscar Wilde. But it *did* belong to Brian Slade, who gave it to you. Then you gave it to me. I don't know what that means."

Curt moved to the sofa, sitting down next to Arthur, his strong hands clutching at Arthur's thighs.

"Brian gave that pin to me during a time when we felt free to be ourselves, our true selves. I wanted to pass on the power of that freedom to you ... Do you have the pin here?"

Arthur gazed at Curt for several minutes before crossing the room to remove the pin from the pocket of his jacket for the first time. He turned around to find Curt standing behind him.

Curt took the pin from his hand and fastened it to Arthur's shirt. He took Arthur's face in his hands and kissed his lips gently, whispering into his mouth, "What the pin means is that I love you".

Arthur pulled Curt into a crushing embrace, his head tucked against Curt's shoulder. The two of them moved slowly to the bedroom, stopping to kiss and remove constraining clothing.

Before things got to the point where Arthur could not put a sentence together, he muttered, "Curt, I want to know what it's like to be inside you."

Curt's eyes widened for a moment, his reluctance evidence. He had never done that. An unpleasant experience in his youth had made him shy away from being penetrated.

Besides, he had always really enjoyed fucking too much. He had told himself that it was a matter of preference, a matter of personality ... But he trusted Arthur more than he had ever trusted anyone.

He gave Arthur his crooked smile saying, "We can do anything you want."

Curt sat down on the bed, waiting nervously. Arthur could feel Curt's apprehension and was strangely aroused by it. Then he felt very inexperienced all of a sudden, ... but he was determined not to let Curt's nervousness infect him.

He took a deep breath and placed his hands on both sides of Curt's face pulling him into a kiss that seemed to go on forever.

Curt wanted to grab Arthur and fuck him senseless, but he held back. He would let Arthur do this his way.

Kneeling down on the floor between Curt's legs, Arthur licked and nibbled down his muscular body, lavishing extra attention on the sensitive groin area. He flicked his tongue along the length of Curt's cock and mouthed the scrotum until he heard Curt cry out over and over.

He lifted Curt's legs over his shoulders and licked at the perineum before putting his mouth to the tight ring of muscle below, ... sucking, ... licking, ...probing. Curt lifted his hips up off of the bed, bucking against Arthur.

A well-lubricated finger was inserted very carefully as Arthur moved his mouth to Curt's cock, sucking and licking at the tip. As Arthur slowly devoured Curt's thick member, he opened Curt with his fingers, imparting each gentle stroke with all the longing he felt for Curt.

When Arthur began to stroke his prostate, Arthur moved up to kiss Curt again, giving him a sample of his own taste. Curt's cries became moans and he rocked violently against Arthur's hand. Arthur moved up to kiss Curt again, giving him a sample of his own taste.

Curt murmured, "Do it.. do it!", and rolled over onto his stomach.

Arthur spent a few moments applying lubricant before pressing against Curt, stopping at the entrance to his body, waiting until Curt was ready. Gently, he introduced the head of his cock.

The delight of this hot flesh holding him so tightly left him breathless. Arthur took a few moments to savor the feeling. Resting his cheek on Curt's back, he reached around to stroke Curt's cock and was rewarded with a shudder as Curt relaxed.

Very slowly, Arthur pulled out slightly and pushed back in, letting Curt's warmth enfold him. The next gentle thrust filled Curt completely. Arthur's heart beat frantically. He waited until the urge to move overcame him and he began a slow, steady rhythm.

The pleasure increased exponentially as Curt matched his thrusts, until Arthur realized that Curt had taken control and he had to surrender himself to the powerful grip of Curt's body. All Arthur could do was hang on as Curt transacted a merging of bodies and minds beyond anything Arthur had ever imagined.

Afterward, they laid together side by side, not touching, not speaking for most of the night. Arthur awoke as Curt pulled him into his arms, nuzzling his ear.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you?"

"... that it would be like that?"

"Because I didn't know, my love."


Another meeting at Main Man Records. Curt thought his head would explode if they gave him one more reason why he should take part in the charade that they had dreamed up.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't do interviews anymore and that a press conference is out of the question?"
「何度言わせたら気が済むんだ? 俺はどんなインタビューも応じる気はないし、ましてや記者会見など問題外だって言ってるじゃないか」

Brian walked in saying "You will probably have to go on tour to promote the album as well."

Obviously, he had been listening in on the conversation.

"It's called the music *business* for a reason."

"Brian, I ..."

Brian turned very pale and ordered everyone else to leave the room.

"Don't ever call me Brian in front of other people. I'm Tommy Stone now. And if you're interested in recording any more albums, I suggest that you remember that."

"I'm not interested in playing your games, *Brian*", Curt shouted as he stormed out of the conference room.

Curt resented that fact that they were replaying an old scene from the past. He wanted to kick himself for thinking that they could move past it.

Arthur was waiting for him in the lobby. Curt felt a weight lift from his shoulders when Arthur hugged and kissed him as they turned to leave.

Brian blocked their exit.

"Curt, don't think that you can just walk out on me when I'm talking to you. By the way, you could be a bit more discreet with your boyfriend. After all, you are in the public eye again."

He watched with satisfaction as Curt fumed. Glancing at Arthur, recognition dawned. Brian looked stricken.

"Hey, wait a minute. You're that journalist that blindsided me a couple of months ago."

Brian noticed the pin on the lapel of Arthur's jacket and turned purple with rage. "What's going on here? Who's playing games now?"
「これはどういうことだ? 誰の企みだ?」

Curt looked puzzled. What was Brian going on about? Blindsided? Curt looked at Arthur.
カートは当惑した。 ブライアンは何のことを言っているのだ? 不意打ちを食らわしただと? カートはアーサーの方を見た。

"It's that story I was covering when we met at the bar, remember? ... By the way, what's *Brian Fucking Slade* doing here anyway?"

Both of them glared accusingly at Curt. He was at a loss for words ...

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