H/C, angst, romance, m/m sex


Legolas/Aragorn, with some platonic Legolas/Frodo



17歳以下は禁止。かつての「X指定」と同等(No One 17 And Under Admitted)

In the woods of Lothlorien, hearts are heavy, comfort is needed.


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Author's notes
This fic kinda took on a life of its own as some fics tend to do. The pairing was supposed to be Legolas/Frodo, but no matter what I did, I couldn't seem to get them to remove any clothing (I guess both their loyalties lie elsewhere). Now it's a Legolas/Aragorn with a bit of Legolas/Frodo h/c at the beginning, but the hobbit/elf stuff is platonic. However, for you smut freaks there will be plenty of hot elf/man lovin' once Aragorn arrives on scene . There is a brief mention of Frodo/Sam and Merry/Pippin pairings thrown in there too, but nothing more than would have been done in the movie (so delightfully slashy those hobbits).

私のファンフィックにはしばしばそういう傾向があるように、本作品もどうやら勝手に一人歩きしてしまった(注:作者の意図を超えてストーリーやキャラが動き出すこと)ようです。 当初、レゴラス/フロドのカップルを想定していたのですが、どうあがいても、二人に服を脱がせることはできませんでした(二人の貞節ぶりは私の手に余ります)。今のところ、この話はレゴラス/アラゴルンに、冒頭、ちょっとだけレゴラス/フロドのh/c(ファンフィック用語。Hurt/Comfortの略。ここでは傷ついたフロドをレゴラスが慰める)有り、といったところでしょうか。ただし、ホビット/エルフ部分はプラトニックね。しかし、ひとたびアラゴルンが登場すれば、腐女子の皆様のご期待通り、エルフ/人間による、ホットな愛の行為が存分に展開します。 またフロド/サムに関する短い言及と メリー/ピピンのカップルが出てきますが、映画で描かれている以上のことはありません(ホビットたちもとっても楽しげで妖しいですよね。

are welcome. This is not my best fic ever, and it's my first venture into LOTR slash. And traditionally my first fic in a new fandom is generally weaker than any subsequent fics. This fic is essentially 2 fics squished into one and I'm aware the transition between the first and second parts is a tad weak, but oh well. Hopefully the fic is enjoyable anyway!



by Sarah (

Legolas sat under one of the huge willow trees of Lothlorien, fletching his arrows and absorbing the rhythms of the forest around him. His heart was heavy with loss. He had seen several friends fall over the course of his many years in Middle Earth yet it never got any easier. He couldn't help but feel some guilt, however misplaced, that he had not been able to do anything to prevent Gandalf's death.
レゴラスはロスロリアンの地に聳える柳の巨木の下に座っていた。矢端に羽根を取り付け、周囲の森林のリズムに身を任せながら。仲間を失った悲しみに心は重く沈んでいた。「中つ国」では、もう何年もの間、親しい者たちが倒れるのを見てきたが、決して慣れることはなかった。レゴラスは罪の意識を覚えずにはいられなかったのだ。そんな感傷は見当違いであり、自分にはガンダルフの死を防ぎようがなかったとしても(can not do anything to prevent〜=〜を防ぐ手立てがない)。

The others were resting in the safe confines of Lothlorien. Legolas himself was still feeling too edgy to sleep. Being so in tune with ones surroundings could at times be as much of a curse as it was a blessing.
他の者たちはロスロリアン内の安全な場所で休んでいた。 レゴラスだけが一人、まだ苛立ちが収まらず、眠れずにいた 。皆と行動を共にすると、時に励まされることもあるが、煩わしく感じることもある(both a blessing and a curse=幸福でもあり災いでもある)。

The despair and grief felt by the remaining members of the fellowship was so great it had almost become palpable.

Legolas felt for all of them. He was especially concerned, however, with the well being of the Ring Bearer. The destruction of the One Ring was quite an undertaking, especially for someone like Frodo who had spent his entire life prior living a relatively peaceful existence. With all that had happened so far and all that was yet to come, Legolas felt the little hobbit was sure to be feeling quite overwhelmed.
彼らの胸中をレゴラスは察した。しかしながら、とりわけ案じていたのは指輪所持者が幸せかどうかだった。 生まれてこの方、比較的平穏な暮らし(注:existence=life)しか知らないフロドのような者にとって、あの指輪を破壊する任務は並大抵の事ではない。 これまでに起きたあらゆる事、そしてこれから起こることに、小さなホビットはきっと、どうしようもないほど打ちのめされる。レゴラスにはそう思われた。

Legolas closed his eyes, listening to the voices on the wind. He leaned against the thick tree trunk and inhaled the scents of the forest. After awhile he was nearly feeling relaxed enough to sleep when he heard footsteps a little ways away. He rose, immediately alert. The footsteps stopped suddenly, there was the sound of leaves being cleared, then silence. Legolas walked over to the site of the noise, moving as lightly and stealthily as a cat. He passed through the trees to find that the source of the footsteps was none other than Frodo Baggins.
レゴラスは目を閉じ、風の声に耳を傾けた。 太い木の幹に体を預け、森の香りを吸い込む。気が緩んだあまり、ついウトウトしかけた矢先、さほど遠くないところから、(注:a little ways away=すぐ近くに迫っていたが、どのくらい近くかは分からない)足音が聞こえた。レゴラスは立ち上がり、直ちに身構えた。突然、足音が止まり、落ち葉を掻き分ける音がしたかと思うと静かになった。レゴラスは音のした方角に近づいた。猫のごとく素早く、かつ、密やかに。木々の間を通り抜けると現れた足音の主は、他でもないフロド・バギンズその人であった。

"Frodo?" Legolas said softly to the small huddled figure crouching beside the tree. "Are you alright?" he knew the answer to that question was a resounding "no" the moment that Frodo lifted his head. The hobbit's deep blue eyes were swimming with tears.
フロドが顔を上げた途端、この問に対する答えが「ノー」であることは明らかだった。 ホビットの深いブルーの瞳は涙で溢れていた。

"I'm fine." Frodo said, voice barely more than a whisper. He swiped an arm across his eyes and stood up. "I'd better go back to the others."

"Frodo." Legolas took Frodo by the arm and held on gently but firmly. "You do not have to leave. Tell me, what troubles you so?"

Frodo continued to look ready to flee for a few moments, but the look of genuine concern in the elf's eyes quickly softened his resolve. "I cannot do this" Frodo admitted with a tone of perfect misery, "it is too much." Legolas dropped to one knee so as to be more at Frodo's level. "And Gandalf…oh, dear Gandalf…he so wanted me to be brave. I am trying, but so much is resting on my shoulders. If I should fail…I couldn't bear to see anyone else get hurt…or worse…"
「ガンダルフのことだって……かけがえのない同志だったのに……もっと勇気を出せって僕に望んでた。僕だって頑張ってるけど、あまりにいろんな事を背負わされて……。 もし失敗したら……。 もう僕はこれ以上誰かが傷ついたり、ひどい事が起こるのには耐えられないんだ」

Legolas reached out and brushed a tear from the hobbit's cheek. "We have faith in you, Frodo," Legolas assured him, "none of us would have agreed to go on this quest with you if we did not feel you could handle it. But it is a lot to handle. We are all weary. We are all grieving for Gandalf. You have taken on so much already; you do not have to bear the burden of his death. There was nothing you could have done. It was out of your hands."
「君に使命を果たす力が無いと思ったら、我々の誰一人、この指輪を捨てる旅を、君と共にしようなんて気は起こさなかっただろうよ。しかしやらなければならないことはあまりにも多い。 皆疲れ切っている。 誰もがガンダルフの死を悼み、深い悲しみに沈んでいる。 いい加減君は抱え込み過ぎだ。この上、ガンダルフの死まで負い目に思うことは無い。一体君に何ができたというんだ。あれは君の手に余ることだったんだ」

Frodo slowly moved toward Legolas and buried his face in the soft fabric covering the elf's shoulder. Frodo couldn't hold in his sorrow anymore. The tears came back full force and nothing could be done to stop them. Legolas put his arms around Frodo and held him, speaking softly to him in elvish phrases that Frodo did not understand but that began to calm him just the same.
フロドはゆっくりとレゴラスに近付き、エルフの肩を覆う柔らかな布に顔を埋めた。フロドにはもう悲しみを抑えることができなかった。猛烈な勢いで涙がぶり返し、どうにもこらえることができなかった。腕を回しフロドを抱き締めるとレゴラスは、エルフの言葉でそっと語りかけた。こんな状況ではよく分かってもらえなかっただろうが、徐々にフロドは落ち着きを取り戻していった(just the same=とはいうものの)。

Frodo clutched at the fabric covering the elf's shoulders, feeling the strands of silky hair over his fingers. Legolas moved his hands in slow circles over the hobbit's back, soothing him until the tears finally subsided.

Eventally, Frodo stood up and wiped his eyes. "I am sorry, Legolas. You must think me terribly weak."
「レゴラス、ごめん。 僕の事、どうしようもない弱虫だと思ったよね」

"On the contrary," Legolas stated, "I think you are the bravest person I have known and will ever know. This is no easy task, but you are undertaking it with courage and strength. And there has never been any harm in expressing one's grief. You have suffered a loss of a great friend. Tears are not shameful."
「君は私が今まで出会った者の中でも最高の偉大な勇者だと思うし、これからもそうあり続けるだろう。 決して楽な任務ではないが、君にはそれを遂行する勇気と強さがある。 それに悲しみをさらけ出して何が悪いというんだ。君は偉大な友を失うという辛い経験をしたんだ。泣くのは恥ずべきことじゃない」

"Thanks for your kindness" Frodo said, forcing a small smile.

"My kindness is yours whenever you need it, my dear friend." Legolas promised. The elf leaned foreword and kissed Frodo on the forehead. "You should go back with the others and try to rest." Legolas suggested.

"You're right." Frodo said, "Sam's probably wondering where I've gotten off too. You know how he worries."

Legolas stood up and placed a hand on Frodo's shoulder. "Let us get you back." The two walked silently through the forest and into the clearing where the others lay, sleeping soundly. Legolas noted with a smile that Merry and Pippin were practically spooning.

"Here you are." Legolas said, as he and Frodo reached the small spot near Sam where Frodo had made his bed. "You will be alright, Frodo, I have faith in you."

Legolas stood back and watched for a moment as Frodo tucked himself under his blanket. Sam stirred, looked over at Frodo and, convinced his master was safe, closed his eyes again.

Legolas began to walk back into the forest. He had left his weapons there and felt he should retrieve them before someone else did. He reached the tree, under which he knew he had been sitting, but his weapons were no longer there. He stood perplexed for a moment. Could he have been sitting under a different tree? He looked around. No, this was definitely the tree. Well, who could have taken his weapons? He was about to go back toward the others to see if somebody had returned them to the clearing when he heard a noise.
レゴラスは森へと引き返した。武器を残したままにしていたので、誰かに持って行かれる前に回収しなければと思ったのだ。自分が座っていたと思われる木の下にたどり着いたが、武器はもう無くなっていた。困ったレゴラスはしばし立ちすくんだ。 座っていたのは別の木だったか? レゴラスは周囲を見回した。 いや、確かにこの木だった。一体、誰が持っていったんだ? 広場へ武器を返しに行ってくれた者がいるかもしれないと、レゴラスが皆のところに戻りかけた時だった。物音がした。

"Who's there?" He asked, "Show yourself."

"Looking for these?"
Legolas looked toward the voice to see his bow and quiver seemingly floating next to a tree not too far from where he was standing. He then saw the owner of the voice emerge from behind the tree holding the weapons.

"Aragorn!" Legolas scolded, "that was not funny."

"Then why are you smiling?" Aragorn asked, still not moving. Legolas moved toward Aragorn and took the quiver from him.

"So what brings you here at this late hour?" Legolas asked, "Apart from petty thievery."

"I noticed that Frodo had wandered off and I grew concerned."
Aragorn explained, seriousness returning, "I found him but only after you had so I decided to let you two be."
「フロドは見つかったんだが、君に遅れをとってしまったんで、2人きりにしてお いてやろうと思ってね」

"Yes, he was quite upset." Legolas said.

"Will he be alright?" Aragorn asked.

"I believe he will be," Legolas assured him, "he was feeling a bit overwhelmed, and rightly so."

The two moved to sit against the trunk of the immense tree.

"His heart is heavy with the loss of Gandalf," Aragorn added, "as are the hearts of us all. What did you tell him."
「フロドの心はガンダルフを失った悲しみに沈んでいる(heart is heavy with the loss=heart is filled with negative emotion)……」

"Just that I think he is very brave, and that we are all dedicated to helping him bear his burden. I'm not sure if I was really much help," Legolas admitted, "Though he seemed somewhat recovered when I left him."

"That is good, then." Aragorn agreed. "He has suffered much, and sadly, I fear he will suffer more before this quest is over. As will the rest of the fellowship, I'm afraid."
「フロドは今まで多くの苦しみや悲しみに耐えてきた。今後のこの旅で、フロドがさらなる苦しみに見舞われなければよいのだが。他の仲間と同様、私は案じているのだよ(As wellのtypo)」

The two sat in silence for a few moments, listening to the sounds of the woods around them.
"You have not answered my question, Aragorn." Legolas said, suddenly. "What brings you here?"

"I told you," Aragorn replied, "I left to look for Frodo."

"Yes but Frodo has been found," Legolas explained, "why do you remain?"

The elf and the man looked deeply into each other's eyes for a moment, neither of them moving or speaking. They then leaned toward one another slowly bridging the gap between them until their mouths met in a soft, sensual kiss.

It had been many years since Legolas and Aragorn had lain together. They had not done so since just before Aragorn had begun his courtship with Arwen. Aragorn had been much younger then, and Legolas' beauty had captivated him. They were good friends, however there had been times when the boundaries of their friendship had been blurred. Their occasional physical encounters had stopped once Arwen had become more of a presence in Aragorn's life.

"Aragorn," Legolas said, breaking the kiss, "are you certain this is what you want?" Although Legolas did have a great desire to lay with Aragorn, he wanted to be sure he was not simply there to serve as a substitute.

"Legolas," Aragorn said, firmly, "tonight I am yours as much as for the remainder of my life I will be Arwen's. I have missed your touch, my friend, and would dearly love to feel it again, even if it is only meant to be for one more night."
「残りの人生において私はアルウェンのものとなるだろう。だが今宵だけは、私は君のものだ。君の感触が恋しかった、友よ。そして、もう一度、触れたくて堪らない。たとえこれが最後の一夜になる定めだとしても(meant to be=〜する運命である)」

"I have missed you too, Aragorn." Legolas said, taking the ranger's face in his hands and kissing him again, deeper this time. Aragorn moved a hand to the nape of Legolas' neck, loving the feel of the elf's silken hair entwined in his fingers. Their tongues delved deeper into each other's mouths as though each wanted to devour the other.

Their lips parted only briefly so as to quickly slip garments over their heads and toss them aside. Shirts off they came together again; the elf's smooth chest pressed against the man's rough one as they explored each other's mouths insatiably.

Legolas took his lips from Aragorn's mouth and moved to nibble the man's ear. He then licked and kissed a delightful trail down Aragorn's neck and chest until he reached a nipple and sucked it greedily, while teasing the other nub with his fingers.

Aragorn moaned in ecstasy. "Uuunh…Legolas…I had almost forgotten the magic you could work with your tongue." Legolas stopped a moment, a sly grin on his face, then returned to using his "talented tongue" in the man's mouth.

Aragorn broke the kiss and shot Legolas his own sly grin, then shifted them around so that Legolas was lying with his back on the forest floor with Aragorn sitting on his lover's slender hips. Aragorn leaned down, took a pointed ear into his mouth and began to suck; intoxicated by the barely audible moans escaping from Legolas' slightly parted lips.

Aragorn had always had a great admiration for the elves. They were stunning in their grace and beauty and Legolas was a fine example of the race. Aragorn kissed down the middle of Legolas' smooth chest, down his defined abdominal muscles until he reached the waistband of the elf's green leggings.

"You won't be needing these."
Aragorn said, breathlessly. Legolas had nearly been rendered mute with pleasure, which was taken even higher as Aragorn finished undressing him and set about pleasing his elfhood. If Legolas had been able to speak he would have told Aragorn that his tongue was quite magical as well.

Legolas allowed himself to get only to the brink of release and then - with great difficulty - he motioned for the man to cease and they shifted again so that Aragorn was the one on his back. Legolas quickly removed Aragorn's pants and proceeded to return the favor that Aragorn had lavished upon him only moments before.
あと少しで達してしまう瀬戸際までアラゴルンの好きにさせていたレゴラスは - やっとの思いで - 人間に止めるように合図すると、再び位置を入れ替え、アラゴルンを仰向けに横たえた。アラゴルンのズボンを慌しく剥ぎ取ると、つい今しがたまでアラゴルンが惜しみなく与えくれた恩に報いる行為を開始した。

Legolas stopped when he was quite sure Aragorn was close to release and moved to kiss the man's lips again, softly and slowly. Legolas shifted so he was straddling Aragorn's hips then looked to the man for acknowledgment. "Yes." Aragorn breathed, softly.

Legolas moistened two fingers in his mouth then reached between the man's legs and fingered the taut opening. It had been a long time since Aragorn had been with another man so Legolas would be have to be gentle.

Once Aragon's moans had reached a desperate pitch Legolas knew the man was ready. He looked into his lover's eyes one last time for any signs of hesitation. Seeing none, Legolas entered Aragorn with a low guttural groan, slowly, allowing the man's body to adjust to the difference in girth from the elf's fingers.

Once Legolas was certain his lover was comfortable, he began to rock. Thrusting, slowly at first, then faster, as Aragorn began to buck his hips in time with the motion. Aragorn desperately clutched at Legolas' back and drew them together so their chests were touching - their hearts pounding in synchronicity.

Legolas buried his face in the crook of Aragorn's neck to stifle a cry as both man and elf reached their climax in unison. They remained intertwined as their breathing slowly returned to normal. Slowly, neither really wanting to, but for fear of overheating, the pair separated and lay next to each other, spent and glistening with sweat.
叫び声を抑えようとレゴラスがアラゴルンの首筋に顔を埋めた途端、人間とエルフは同時に絶頂に達した。二人は体を絡ませたまま、徐々に呼吸が元に戻るまでじっとしていた。 ゆっくりと、本当はお互いそうしたくはなかったのだが、熱くなりすぎやしないかと、二人は体を離し、並んで横たわった。ぐったりと、汗を輝かせて。

Aragorn raised himself up on one elbow and leaned in to kiss Legolas. "That was wonderful."

"It was." Legolas agreed, kissing Aragorn again. Both of them knew this was likely to be the last time they would have the chance to be together but neither spoke of it.

"Though I do very much hate to see this moment end I fear we must rejoin the others." Aragorn said.

"You are right," Legolas said, picking up a handful of leaves to wipe the evidence of passion from their bodies. "We don't want to have them wondering where we are once morning arrives."

They silently gathered their clothes and got dressed under the light of the stars. They walked back toward the area where the others lay, still sleeping soundly.

They stopped briefly upon entering the clearing, looking deeply into each other's eyes. "Goodnight, Aragorn." Legolas said.

"Goodnight, dear friend." Aragorn said, and they clutched hands for one final moment before parting.
アラゴルンは答え、二人は別れ間際に、これが最後と(for one final moment=one last time )きつく手を握り合った。


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